Epic Parenting Fail

  1. YOU FAIL!!!!!!!!! EPIKFAIL!!!!!!!!! JEWBAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ooooooh i want me some of that crack :D

  3. lols. I r fin it funneh

  4. Rofl, thats hilarious.

  5. omg.

  6. stupid. Illegal. losers of life. I hope the law or God catches up to that a-hole. F-off!

  7. This is sick. Horrrrrrible. Why the hell would you do that? It isn’t even funnnnnny! These parents should be killed. Horrible. Just sick!

  8. dats a damn shame baby already turned out

  9. The f@#ked up part is that they even OWN a crack pipe. Im no junkie but u can tell it has some miles on it too. Too funny

  10. Wow… this is great…

  11. Hope ur kid gets taken off you, if this is your idea of funny or cute parental humour you have been smoking to much crack. Hope it makes you infertile. i feel sorry for your kids future.

  12. this is fukn stupid why n tha fuk wuld u do that shit!!!!

  13. ur a bad parent looool

  14. first of all its a meth pipe you dumbass and if u dont know how to take care of kids then keep your legs closed

  15. wow thats bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. rite

  17. It’s not a crack pipe dumbass!! try meth pipe.

  18. its a METH pipe fucknut

  19. faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiil

  20. That is just gross! Not only is this kid smokin, he smoking like the worst of the stuff out there! What douches!

  21. its just humor bitch get a life fu 2

  22. its not funny cuz its based on reality dork. people lives are destroyed becuz of shit like this!

  23. i dont understan y anyone would think this i sfunny what if it was your kid doin that people like this kids parents need to have the meth pipes shoved up there ass and they need to die that is the worst thing i have ever seen in my life that is horrible! gah y would u put that on here

  24. dont hate on my parenting plus he gets dental

  25. It is not cool to have that on there its very stupid now you have a secret told to everyone that you have crack I think you had to much of crack to put that in your baby’s mouth gross

  26. CRYSTAL METH PIPE. In a beautiful little boy’s mouth. And more than likely in his lungs from his parents smoking. The murder of innocence by pure evil. I hope he was rescued from his beyond incapable, maliciously destructive, disgusting parent/s before any lasting physical or life altering damage was done. This picture is enough to sink my stomach to the floor and also bring a feeling of anger…no, rage… as if this were my own little one.

  27. Drugs aren’t funny, child abuse isn’t funny and that photo isn’t funny.

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